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Authored by Valerie Jabbonsky

“Do you need this hire to sit in HQ, or is working remotely okay?”

This question is one that we have asked our clients countless times over the last year, and as the world begins to adjust and embrace a new “normal,” companies and their employees…

Authored by Samantha Pernice

The energy sector is on the verge of exponential growth as the investment momentum and conversations around sustainability and climate change are on the rise. …

An Opinion Piece: Authored by Lindsay Angelillo ft. Yvette Pasqua, CTO @ Exos & Christina Wick, CTO @ Flowcode

“Can you find us a female CTO?”

As I hang up my last call for the day after hours of pitching companies, combing through LinkedIn and Top 30 Female CTO in…

By Nicolette Stanise

In a world where digital product is at the forefront of how we connect, shop, watch, trade, learn, exercise and play, it’s no wonder that product-led growth has evolved as one of the most important and competitive functions for any consumer business today.

Now more than ever…

By Michelle Garland

Like so many of you, we have been pitching that “telemedicine will be mainstream” for a decade. It always seemed obvious that if you wanted to put an entire population into the healthcare system — you would have to leverage technology to triage, cast a wider net…

By Laura Kinder & Paul Daversa

**Below is intended to share insights on how we are guiding our client base to adapt to these “unchartered waters” — and how to address the unique obstacles that the Covid-19 pandemic presents to traditional executive hiring practices.

As the events of the COVID-19…

Jason Wilcox, SVP of Product & Engineering at Dataminr, and Laura Kinder discuss why now is an interesting time to be part of the New York City technology community and how machine learning is being used to solve real-world problems.


Originally published at on May 30, 2020.

Daversa Partners

We are a different breed of headhunters. We build Executive teams for growth stage and venture backed companies that are entirely changing the world we live in.

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